About Us

Welcome to our crochet business! We are a small team of artisans who are passionate about creating beautiful and unique handcrafted items. Our speciality is creating baby gift boxes, keepsake dolls, and cuddly teddies that are sure to bring joy to any recipient.

Our journey began when we discovered the timeless art of crochet and fell in love with its endless possibilities. We were inspired to create our own line of handmade items that could be treasured for years to come. And so, our business was born in 2020 during Covid.

Since then, we have been dedicated to creating the highest quality products using only the finest materials. Each of our items is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every piece is truly one of a kind.

Our baby gift boxes are the perfect way to welcome a new arrival into the world. Filled with a selection of handmade items such as booties, rattles, and cuddly teddies these gift boxes are sure to be appreciated by any new parent.

Our keepsake dolls and cuddly teddies are the perfect companions for playtime or bedtime. Made with soft and durable yarn, these items are sure to become treasured favourites.

We are committed to creating products that not only bring joy to those who receive them but also make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we are proud to use eco-friendly materials and support charitable causes in our local community.

Thank you for considering our crochet business. We hope that you will find something special and unique in our handmade items that will bring joy to your life.

Our Philosophy

The ethos of The Crochet Dolls is to advocate sustainable, long lasting products that are safe for babies, children and our planet. We also believe that every child should have a handmade doll. We want our handmade dolls to reach as many children as possible.

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