All of our products are handcrafted with great care and love. In addition to fair working conditions, we pay great attention to the sustainability of our products.


Due to the skin-friendly and breathable nature of cotton, all of our toys are made 100% mercerized cotton. They are OKEO-TEX STANDARD which guarantees they are FREE from harmful chemicals which may cause allergies and irritations. Security eyes are used in all our toys. Rattles are made from an acer wood. It is natural, smooth and antibacterial.


Our beautifully designed, safe, high quality products are all handcrafted with sustainable items. They are long lasting products which are safe for babies, children and our planet.


From an ecological point of view, we will send you the invoice electronically in order to do without paper and to reduce CO2 emissions. We also send your order plastic-free in various shipping packaging sizes, as we want to produce little packaging waste to protect our environment.