Easter Bunnies

Another busy Holiday season with approaching with lots of candy, eggs to decorate and delicious meal to prepare.

Easter finally will look like before with the end of restrictions.. Team The Crochet Dolls prepared a list of gift ideas for you and your loved ones.

Colourful Easter Bunnies

We prepared a selection of colourful bunnies. We chose bright easter colours. Yellow, purple, pink, lilac or green are some of the colour selections we have. Not only for Easter but these bunnies are an ideal gift in Spring too. 

Mini Easter Bunnies

This year, we also prepared some mini bunnies you can add into your child’s Easter baskets. They are small but designed beautifully with lovely bright colours. We have 6 mini bunnies to choose from.

Easter Basket

We also designed mini Easter basket with mini eggs. You can combine these baskets with any size of the bunny you like. It goes perfectly well both with mini and normal size bunnies. You can replace crochet eggs with mini real eggs.

Alternatively you can use these baskets as a Easter decoration in your home.

Easter Egg Hunt

Another great idea we recommend is use our crochet eggs in your Easter egg hunt! Kids will have great fun looking for the crochet eggs.

Hope you like our Easter Collection. What is more satisfying than surprising your  little ones with handmade gifts this Easter, seeing their happy faces and spending family time!