My Story

Hi there,

I am Arzu and I am the face behind The Crochet Dolls. I am very happy that you found my website. 

I am Turkish & Irish, living in Dublin for 10 years. I did my master degree in Trinity College Dublin. I am married to a handsome Turkish man and we have twin girls who are also the source of inspiration for all my products

The Crochet Dolls My Story

I worked in different fields over 5 years. Due to covid I lost my job and I had a lot of time to get creative. This is how I came up with The Crochet Dolls. I grew up in a culture where crochet was part of our daily life. Handmade products are always a passion of mine. I use this passion to produce handmade, unique and sustainable gifts for babies, children and adults.

It was very important to me that my daughters have the treasured keepsake dolls. I wanted to make this feeling possible for every parent.

Also according to research, cuddly toys help children to reduce anxiety and worry. It helps babies and children to regulate their emotions and connect whenever they need support. For this reason, I designed these handmade products which have graspable ears, arms and legs that help to improve children’s small muscle groups. They will become their best friends. 

Crochet Dolls Snowflakes

I also believe that every child should have a handmade doll. I want our handmade dolls to reach as many children as possible.

Today, new ideas and designs are constantly emerging in my house, which are implemented by me and my helpers.

I hope you love my handmade products.